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Filthy Media Kit

Filthy Mime is a new party game launching on Kickstarter on April 12. It combines the wholesome fun of charades with the degenerate humor of well, degenerates.


Birth of a Party Game


It was first conceived by a group of college friends, who, like a lot of college kids, spent many nights and brain cells playing drinking games. One night, wanting to play something different, we decided to make our own game of charades. We passed around paper and each wrote out some cards to be acted out. Each one was unbelievably filthy. Watching each other act out these ridiculous cards was hilarious and it became our favorite game.

How do you play?


In the beginning, the oldest player in the group is named The Warden of Filth. The Warden draws a card and silently acts out the dirty word or phrase. The first player to correctly guess wins the round and holds onto the card. After each round, a new player becomes Warden following a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Some cards have special missions and side games that will have players sharing their darkest secrets, arm wrestling on each other’s backs, yelling “penis,” and learning way more about their friends than they ever wanted to know.


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